Popcorn and a Movie

This past weekend, I went to see the remake of Footloose in theatres. I can hear the disgruntled gasps from many of you through the empty silence of the internet, but the movie wasn’t half bad. Go ahead and judge me, but I liked it. It is defintely an energetic-must-dance-in-the-isle type of film. The original will always be numero uno because you can’t beat a classic, but the remake is giving “this” generation the same type of feel with newer music implemented into the story line. The original songs were still of course played and danced to by the new actors so it was a great throwback. Many folks of the 80s may have a hard time enjoying the film because it may be perceived as stealing thunder from the ever-so dreamy Kevin Bacon. However, it was fun and it definitely kept the cutting footloose theme alive. Kenny Wormald wasn’t bad on the eyes either.

Don’t worry, I brought my dad a bag of Rocky Mountain Popcorn’s White Cheddar for sitting through the entire movie with me (because none of my friends would go). By the looks of the bag being emptied before the movie started, he liked the popcorn better than the movie, can’t argue with that!


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