Colorado From the First Pop

Many of you know that Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company produces a great local product that has burst its kernels nationally in every state. But our first kernels began right here in the eastern foothills as a true Colorado company. But what does being a true Colorado company really mean?

We can tell you our roots are truly Colorado because the company was started by a Colorado ranching family in 1985 and taken over in 2007 with the current headquarters just south of Denver. The actual kernel popping happens right nearby in Louisville. Our corrugated packaging is also produced right here in Colorado and supports the sustainable forestry initiative by using wind energy for the packaging production to help keep the Front Range beautiful (how Colorado of us, right?). We want to bring the bold taste of the Rockies to the national level with our products and share our Colorado morale with the world. We are proud to have the Rocky Mountains as part of our brand and always will be.

With the recent snow hitting us, the winter is sure giving us fair warning for its cold arrival. Get your popcorn ready for the holiday season and order from this truly Colorado company today. Our new holiday NottaTin has arrived just in time for gift giving. It’s not a tin so you can recycle (again, so very Colorado of us). It holds 15 bags of our delicious 8 flavors.

We love being a part of what Colorado is about so we support our local community (and Tim Tebow) as well as many national organizations, to support our healthy lifestyle and smart snacking message. Be sure to keep up with us on facebook so you don’t miss a pop!


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