A Popping Up Snack Trend

Studies are now showing that people are more likely to reach for snack foods than sit and have three meals in a day. I might have been on to something when I went to college as I was infamously known for snacking my way through the day because I was always running out the door, literally. I still abide by this habit, as I rarely have the patience to cook a full meal, much to my mother’s dismay. Studies are now showing that this is becoming a popping trend in America. Is it our on-the-go lives or awareness to health? I’m hoping for both.

I think people are choosing to snack responsibly with all the hustle and bustle of daily life and the constant buzz about lifestyle choices. If the healthy choice is available, people will make it. “Almost nine in ten (86 percent) Americans take the health content of their snack foods into consideration,“ according to a new survey from Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps. Health is constantly in the news reminding America about the danger of the rising obesity numbers. There is so much chatter about the negative food choices that people make that I want to give a great big shout out to those that do snack responsibly. And an even bigger shout to those that snack smart with Rocky Mountain Popcorn, a gluten and nut free, whole grain, natural popcorn to give America a good-for-you snack!

I have always loved popcorn because it is a great alternative for unhealthy snacks because it is a low calorie tasty snack that takes longer to eat than a candy bar. So snack on, America.

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