2012 is Popping

Pop into the new year with a better you!

Exercise. Eat right. Spend less. Volunteer more. All of these things are on health magazines and web sites everywhere you go when approaching the New Year. People make New Year’s resolutions that never seem to continue through the entire 365 days. Working out more and eating less, I hear this broken record every New Year’s eve (guilty here too, don’t worry). Here’s an idea for 2012, snack more.

I’m throwing the snack trend at you once again. Our culture is snacking more than ever, it just needs to have the healthy touch to make it worth the bite.

Snacking is a great way to keep your metabolism high and your mind off of larger meals, if done right. Planning out your snacks help throughout the day helps you make better decisions. Eat before you’re hungry seems to be the theme for this tactic. What I love about snacking is that you get to eat more frequently. Who doesn’t love that? You’ve heard the portion control speech time and time again. Hate to break it to you, but as Dr. OZ says, size DOES matter. High volume, low calorie snacks are the way to help you to a better self.

Popcorn is great for this because you can have a lot for not a lot of calories. Win-win if you ask me! There are options for days, literally, that snacking more shouldn’t be a difficult resolution to keep around as there are more than 365 healthy snack ideas popping around. We have 8 great-tasting, healthy flavors here at Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company, so you AT LEAST have one week covered of 2012 to snack responsibly.


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