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2012 is Popping

Pop into the new year with a better you!

Exercise. Eat right. Spend less. Volunteer more. All of these things are on health magazines and web sites everywhere you go when approaching the New Year. People make New Year’s resolutions that never seem to continue through the entire 365 days. Working out more and eating less, I hear this broken record every New Year’s eve (guilty here too, don’t worry). Here’s an idea for 2012, snack more.

I’m throwing the snack trend at you once again. Our culture is snacking more than ever, it just needs to have the healthy touch to make it worth the bite.

Snacking is a great way to keep your metabolism high and your mind off of larger meals, if done right. Planning out your snacks help throughout the day helps you make better decisions. Eat before you’re hungry seems to be the theme for this tactic. What I love about snacking is that you get to eat more frequently. Who doesn’t love that? You’ve heard the portion control speech time and time again. Hate to break it to you, but as Dr. OZ says, size DOES matter. High volume, low calorie snacks are the way to help you to a better self.

Popcorn is great for this because you can have a lot for not a lot of calories. Win-win if you ask me! There are options for days, literally, that snacking more shouldn’t be a difficult resolution to keep around as there are more than 365 healthy snack ideas popping around. We have 8 great-tasting, healthy flavors here at Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company, so you AT LEAST have one week covered of 2012 to snack responsibly.


Colorado From the First Pop

Many of you know that Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company produces a great local product that has burst its kernels nationally in every state. But our first kernels began right here in the eastern foothills as a true Colorado company. But what does being a true Colorado company really mean?

We can tell you our roots are truly Colorado because the company was started by a Colorado ranching family in 1985 and taken over in 2007 with the current headquarters just south of Denver. The actual kernel popping happens right nearby in Louisville. Our corrugated packaging is also produced right here in Colorado and supports the sustainable forestry initiative by using wind energy for the packaging production to help keep the Front Range beautiful (how Colorado of us, right?). We want to bring the bold taste of the Rockies to the national level with our products and share our Colorado morale with the world. We are proud to have the Rocky Mountains as part of our brand and always will be.

With the recent snow hitting us, the winter is sure giving us fair warning for its cold arrival. Get your popcorn ready for the holiday season and order from this truly Colorado company today. Our new holiday NottaTin has arrived just in time for gift giving. It’s not a tin so you can recycle (again, so very Colorado of us). It holds 15 bags of our delicious 8 flavors.

We love being a part of what Colorado is about so we support our local community (and Tim Tebow) as well as many national organizations, to support our healthy lifestyle and smart snacking message. Be sure to keep up with us on facebook so you don’t miss a pop!

All That and a Popcorn on Top?

Because it is fall and therefore soup season. I have been trying to get creative and steer away from my daily split pea obsession. When I like something, I get hooked and want it everyday (junior mints in 1996 was a bad year for my sugar levels). So I am attempting a variety of recipes to keep from overkilling my tastes buds. When asking around for different soup ideas, I honestly thought a friend of mine was joking when “popcorn soup” came into the line up. Turns out, it wasn’t a stab at my line of work…it is a real thing!

I’m really good at eating, not so much cooking. But I must say that this recipe was all that and a popcorn on top! Of course I used our Naked flavor and it was grand.

  1. Saute onion in butter with parsley flakes until onion is tender, about 8 minutes.
  2. Sprinkle flour over mixture and stir (will be lumpy). Slowly stir in the half and half until smooth and creamy. Add corn and cook until slightly thickened, about 5 minutes.
  3. Add salt and pepper to taste. To serve, ladle into bowls and garnish with popped corn.